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Christmas continued in the army and rose to the rank of sergeant. He went to France in late December 1915 and was killed in action in France in February 1916. Kate received letters of sympathy from two officers.

Lieutenant Colonel Collier, commanding the battalion, wrote:

‘.... your husband died a very glorious death for his country on the 19th (Feb.). the regiment had to make an attack on two large mine craters the Germans were holding and your husband gallantly assisted in the attack on one by getting his Lewis gun on the top of the crater and opening fire on the enemy inside. He was hit through the head by a bullet and killed instantly, so there was no pain or lingering ...... I had, as you know, the greatest regard and affection for your husband, and feel I have lost a true friend’

Lieutenant Webb of Chris' platoon wrote:

‘We were both together and he fell at my side when taking part in an attack on a dangerous position. He did not suffer, but was killed instantly. I personally saw to his interment which was carried out by his own men. your sacrifice and loss are shared by all those who fought on Saturday evening last (February 19th)’

For those with long Brecon memories, the son Harry went on to be town mayor and was a long standing councillor for the Llanfaes ward.

In 1909 he was a private in the South Wales Borderers based at the barracks in Brecon and in February that year he was married in Brecon to Ada Matilda Rose Kate Skinner, known as Kate, and they lived at 5, John Street, Brecon.

By 1911 he was a lance corporal and they had their first child, Harry. They had three children altogether although one died young. The two boys in the picture are Harry (standing) with Bert on the chair.

Sergeant Christmas Morgan

South Wales Borderers, 1st Battalion, service no. 8014

Killed in action February 19th, 1916, aged 32

Commemorated: Arras Memorial at Faubourg-D´Amiens

Cemetery, Arras

Christmas Morgan was born in 1885 in Glamorganshire to Thomas and Hannah Morgan. His father was a coal miner in 1891 but by 1901 the family had moved to Yorkshire where Chris's father and two elder brothers were working on the railway. There

were 11 children living at home at this time.

By 1911 Hannah has moved to Hull, and there were now only six children living with their mother. Christmas had left home by this time and enlisted in the army.