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Ernest was born in Colne, Lancashire in 1889, the son of Abraham and Sarah Butterworth. The family lived in Colne for many years before moving to nearby Nelson, by 1918. In 1911 Ernest is working as a cotton weaver, like most of his family at that time. He enlisted at Colne, initially joining the Liverpool Regiment and later transferring to the Labour Corps. Ernest married Minnie Games Jones of 1, Newmarch

Street, in May 1918, in St David’s Church, Brecon. Minnie wore her Land Workers’ uniform, as did her bridesmaids, Misses E Talmage and E Jones.

Ernest appears to have left the army as he had recently been employed at Messrs. Harris and Williams, Timber Merchants, Brecon. He died after an illness of only one week.

A military funeral took place at St David’s Church, Brecon, and a company of troops from the Barracks were in attendance. The South Wales Borderers band also attended and played in the procession and at the graveside. The usual volleys were fired and the last post sounded. Minnie and her brother were unable to attend due to illness.

Their son Ernest William was born early in 1919 in Brecon, just months after his father's death.

Private Ernest Butterworth
The King's Liverpool Regiment/Labour Corps, service no.


Died October 30th, 1918 at home, aged 29

Buried in St David's Churchyard, Brecon

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