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The Men Who Died




The information provided in this publication is presented as obtained

from reliable sources. The Brecon U3A cannot be held responsible for

incorrect details. Whilst the authors have tried to be as thorough as

possible in their research, it is possible that inaccuracies may occur.

Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the contents do not

knowingly infringe any copyright. Some of the photographs, letters

and reports are from newspapers of the time and have been obtained

from the National Library of Wales and are classified as ‘Unknown

Copyright’. The National Library are happy to receive any assistance

in identifying or locating copyright holders by writing to:

If it is believed that information in this book is infringing copyright,

please contact us.

Our understanding is that we have been given permission to use all of

the material in this book but if you should find any discrepancies

please contact Brecon U3A via our website, address:

Discrepancies will be corrected and added to the Brecon Remembers

web site (the address is given at the end of this section) and to any

further editions of this book.

Where appropriate, we give acknowledgements for content within the

book and a list of permissions that have been granted can be found on

page 339.

The content as it appears here is simply a collation of information

available from the period. There are inevitably errors and omissions

because of the way the information was collected at the time. It is,

therefore, merely a starting point for further research; facts should be verified from primary sources, such as medal rolls and enlistment papers.

Researching the past is a process which grows and develops as time passes when new sources of information come to light. Consequently, the information in this book at the time of publication may be incomplete. We must apologise therefore, if information has been missed by us or comes to light at a later stage.

Our web site will provide a way to add new information or expand what is included at this stage.

The web site address is: